• Visit the official website and continue to the website booking section
  • On the right part of the section there is a dialogue box to process the registration 
  • Sign up using an email or Facebook
  • Get your registration reconfirmation email.
  • Fill in the registration form and get your member area dashboard and member id
  • Earn your first point and experience the Jeevawasa Journey Privileges. 




Eligible for all guest 1st time register in our website booking engine until they earn 10 points with any of Adiwana, Inara & Amatara Hotels and Resorts Collections.



Eligible for all guest who already earn 11 – 20 points and all booked through our website booking engine.


Eligible for all guest who earn 21 points and above and all booked through our website booking engine.



  • Individuals aged 17 and above are eligible to apply for membership in the program.
  • Eligibility; Membership in the Jeevawasa Journey is available to any individual over the age of majority that:
    • Possesses the legal authority to agree to the Jeevawasa Journey terms;
    • Resides in a jurisdiction that legally permits participation in the Jeevawasa Journey
    • Provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling in the Jeevawasa Journey.
    • Is not already a member of the Jeevawasa Journey Program (i.e., does not already have a member account.
    • Once eligibility for membership in the Jeevawasa Privilege)
    • Program is confirmed by Adiwana, Inara and Amatara Hotels & Resorts an applicant will be enrolled in the Jeevawasa Journey Program as a Jeevawasa Privilege Member.
  • Adiwana, Inara and Amatara Hotels & Resorts may deny membership in the Jeevawasa Journey Program to any applicant in its sole discretion and without written notice.
  • Program membership entitles members the right to earn points, which can be redeemed for Rewards in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Program. 
  • Member benefits and Reward are offered in good faith, however may not be available if prohibited by law or regulation in member’s country of residence.
  • Individual Memberships. All Jeevawasa Privilege Member accounts are individual accounts and no joint accounts are permitted.
  • Jeevawasa Privilege Program benefits are non-transferable unless expressly stated otherwise.
  • Personal Profile. Information provided by Jeevawasa Privilege Member will be maintained in a personal preference profile.
  • All information provided by Adiwana Privilege Member in his/her personal profile must be valid and accurate and must be kept current
    Membership in the Program is non-transferable and non-assignable.
  • Membership are non-transferable and may only be used by Members themselves.
  • Approval of application for membership and grant of membership shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of Adiwana, Inara and Amatara Hotels & Resorts.